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Welcome to

Oregon Registry of

Interpreters for the Deaf

ORID is a community of volunteers striving to promote the socialization and professionalism of our interpreting community. Collectively, we empower local interpreters to continually advance our community, the profession, and its standards through a collaborative approach prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion. As an affiliate chapter of RID, we represent Oregon and Southwest Washington’s interpreters at the national level by initiating leadership at the local level.

Please join ORID in improving the interpreting community of Oregon by becoming a member, and actively participating in setting the organization’s agenda.

Recent News/upcoming events

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Meet our 2022-2024 ORID Board 
See yourself here! We'd love you to join us on the board or a committee!

ORID is working on educating the public about how to work with interpreters and how to best provide access to members of the Deaf community. Check out our member-driven priorities for 2019-2020 here!

Once a month, ORID hosts get-togethers with interpreters in Portland, Salem, and Eugene. Not in those areas? Contact us to start one up in your area! We hope to see you there!


ORID hosts and partners with other organizations to host workshops on a wide range of topics. We plan workshops around the state so they are available to interpreters throughout Oregon and provide information about virtual on-demand options for professional development.

ORID is a fully volunteer-run organization. We have far more dreams and motivation than we can do with the few wonderful folks who are working now. Check out our committees page to see how your time, skills, and interests can best support the interpreting profession in Oregon!

We have sought to make this site accessible in terms of screen readers and more, but we are definitely still learning. If there is something we can change to make it more accessible, please let us know at, and thank you for your patiences with our learning curve! 

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