Member-Driven Priorities

ORID is a fully volunteer-run, non-profit organization, and so its resources are fully dependent on members. With the value of serving the practitioners and consumers of signed language interpreting in Oregon, the ORID board reaches out to members regularly to set intentional and explicit priorities in order to use our limited resources in the most effective ways possible. 

2018-19 ORID Board Priorities

Top left: "Licensure," over an image of postage.  

Bottom right: "Inclusion," over an image of stick figure people in business cloths, holding hands above their heads.  

Across the image diagonally from bottom left to top right, over a winding road: A black graduation cap over a green circle; "Pre-Certification to Certification"; a document with a seal over a green background, "Post-Certification  Professional Dev."; a briefcase over a green background.  

2017-18 ORID Board Priorities: In continuing our work to satisfy the mission set for ORID, the board intends to work on the following over the next year: 

Inside a dark brown gear: "Foster member engagement and provide opportunities for professional development."  

Inside a green gear: "Strengthen and develop relationships with various stakeholders."  

Inside a russet brown gear: "Investigate and influence policies and standers that elevate the interpreting profession in the state of Oregon."  

These 3 gears are interlocking.  

ORID 2016 Priorities: "To educate, initiate, sponsor, promote and execute policies and activities that will further the profession of the interpretation of American Sign Language and English and the transliteration of English, as well as to promote the socialization and collegiality of our interpreting community."  Three cartoon plants in pots are above this textbox.  

Beside an image of books: "Professionalism."  

Beside an image of a handshake: "Organizational Partnerships."  

Beside an image of a lightbulb: "New Interpreter Support."  

Beside an image of a governmental building: "Legislative Action."  

Beside an image of three stick figure people holding hands: "Consumer Education."  

Survey Results 2016

Oregon Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf 


Survey Purpose 

- Gain a better understanding of membership priorities

- Ensure board actions reflect community values

- Determine how to allocate resources appropriately 

- Update membership information 

Image Description: A map of Oregon from far away with markers showing where people were located who took the survey.  Most pins are in the Willamette Valley, particularly Portland.  There are several in Eugene and Medford as well.  One is northeast of Bend, two are on the coast, and one is in the far northeast of the state.  

Below an outline of people: "88 members responded."  

Below an outline of a clock: "1,296 pledged volunteer hours."  

Below an outline of a map marker: "54 zip codes represented."  

Top Five Priorities Identified by Members 

Image description: a graph showing the "percent of members who selected these priorities."  The dark green bar for "Providing Workshops" is at 81.8%, the light green bar representing "Partnering with OAD and Others" is at 72.7%, the orange bar representing "Supporting New Interpreters" is at 64.8%, the pink bar representing "Advocating for Legislation" is at 62.5%, and the grey bar representing "Educating Consumers" is at 54.5%.  

What Members Like About ORID

Under an outline of a person with a ponytail teaching in front of a whiteboard with lines of text on it: "Professional Development."  

Under an outline of multiple people: "Networking."  

Under an outline of people in a line: "The People."  

What Members Want to Improve 

Under an outline of a megaphone: "Communication and Information."  

Under an outline of a map: "Statewide Support."  

Under an outline of people in a line wearing bowties: "Member Involvement."  

What Members Believe is the Most Pressing Issue 

Under an outline of a shining star: "Need for Qualified Interpreters."  

Under an outline of students in graduation caps: "Support For New Interpreters"  

Under an outline of a checklist: "Stanards and Fair Compensation."  

Member Preferences for Receiving ORID Information 

Image description: a bar graph.  75% of people prefer email, 40% prefer Facebook, and 23% of people prefer the ORID website.  

The Facebook icon is on the left, an icon of an envelope is on the right.  Text in the middle reads "for more information, contact Oregon Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf,,"

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