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Certification Maintenance Program: 
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“Excellence in the delivery of interpreting services is contingent upon the pursuit of lifelong learning…The integrity of RID certification requires this commitment.”


ORID is an Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) approved Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) sponsor 

ORID members receive free processing of Continuing Education Unites (CEUs) through RID for:

  • Workshop Attendance of an ORID run activity

  • Academic Coursework (earned credit through college classes from an accredited institution) 

  • PINRA (participant initiated non-RID activities) - attending a workshop, conference or training that isn’t RID sponsored


For PINRA and Workshop Sponsorship CEUs, it’s necessary to get prior approval from a CMP sponsor. Academic Coursework can be submitted at any time during the CMP cycle without prior approval.


Academic coursework earns 1 CEU for each class credit on the quarter system and 1.5 CEUS for each class credit on the semester system. PINRAs earn .1 CEUs per hour of training.


Workshop Sponsorship:

  • Email for the Workshop Activity Plan form at least 45 days prior to the start of the workshop

Academic Coursework (AC):

Accepted at any time

  • Email for the AC form

  • Syllabus or course description and proof of accreditation of college or university

  • Copy of grade report or transcript showing a final grade of C or better

  • Cap: Credit for Academic Coursework shall be processed free of charge for 2 courses in any calendar year for current ORID members. For non-members and those requesting more than 2 courses, the charge is $40/course.


PINRA (participant initiated non-RID activities): 

  • Email for the PINRA form at least 15 days before the start of the event

  • Brochure, flyer or other information that shows topic, goals, agenda or hours of training

  • Proof of attendance- submitted within 7 days of the completion of event

CMP Coordinator: Vanessa Bishop, NIC, CORECHI, OCHI


Vanessa is an enthusiastic lifelong learner. She graduated with a Bachelor's in ASL/English Interpreting in 2016 from William Woods University, achieved national certification, her CoreCHI, and became a Oregon Certified Healthcare Interpreter in 2018, and is currently working towards a Master's degree in Post-Secondary and Continuing Education at Portland State University. 


Having completed more than 1,000 hours to date of all varieties of professional development activities, she is thrilled for the opportunity to support her colleagues in their pursuit of knowledge.  


Please feel free to contact her with any CMP related questions or to brainstorm professional development possibilities. No matter your learning style, resources, limitations, or topic you want to investigate - there is an option!


Vanessa Bishop, NIC, CoreCHI™, OCHI
Nationally Certified Healthcare Interpreter
Serving the PNW since 2014 | she/her
ORID Continuing Education Administrator

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