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Interpreting Professionals at Happy Hour

Often interpreters find ourselves isolated in our day-to-day work. Even on teamed assignments, our minds and conversation must surround the task at hand, and so we don't have much time to develop relationships with our coworkers. IPAHH is a great opportunity to come together with colleagues in your area for some much needed social time! 

Join us! Check out our calendar for upcoming events!  

Interpreter Professionals At Happy Hour has been a long running event that started right here in Oregon. IPAHH is a monthly gathering for working and student interpreters to attend in three cities around the state. If there is not one in your area, and you would like to host it, please contact us!

(To "host" IPAHH all you have to do is choose a time and place, and then show up!)


Venues are chosen each month in Portland, Salem, Vancouver and Eugene on various days. Be sure to check out Oregon Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf facebook page for monthly locations and additional information. It is a come-and-go as you please event, so if you can only stay for a little while, or come late, feel free!
Portland - Eugene - Salem - Vancouver, WA

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