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The 2018-2019 Student Representative Committee (SRC) is thrilled to be partnering with our student and professional members as a part of how ORID serves interpreting professionals and consumers in Oregon. This year we continue efforts to engage students with the profession by encouraging involvement with our local professional chapter and helping connect members in mentoring relationships.


In previous years, our PCC and WOU cohorts expressed that a primary barrier to them joining ORID membership meetings and other events is the ever ubiquitous fear-of-the-unknown. To address this concern the 2016-2017 SRC developed a Frequently Asked Questions document about what to expect at ORID events, how to interact with interpreters there, and more. We hope this can ease some apprehension that students (and others!) might feel about coming to meetings. We also created guides for potential mentors and mentees to explore their personal goals, styles, and paradigms of mentorship for professional growth. Please check them out and let us know how they can become evermore beneficial for introspection and application! The 2017-2018 SRC continued looking at mentoring relationships and began work on developing a video series in which mentors and mentees share about how they met and connected, and what their mentoring relationship looks like. We hope this will inspire those looking for this type of professional development and offer some ideas for how to pursue mentoring in diverse ways.


As the 2018-2019 SRC groups gets rolling, we are excited to tackle these topics and more! If you have further ideas of how ORID can support students and recent graduates, please reach out to our student reps directly or at

Meet the StUdent Representatives

A student with short brown hair, hoop earrings, and a shiny necklace smiles at the camera.  

Rachel Broach, PCC

I am a second-year student in the Interpreter Training Program at Portland Community College. My path to the field has been a winding one: I was born in Germany, lived in four different states in the US, and have worked in many different fields. In 2005, I received my B.A. in History, with a special focus in Early American Women, from the University of Montana. My husband and I moved to Portland in 2007, and in 2016 I became interested in interpreting while considering how I could best use my passion for communication in a career. I am hoping to interpret in education and theater settings in the future. I am inspired by the work that ORID has been doing, and I am looking forward to working with the organization!

A student with dark brown hair pulled back on top, sparkly earrings, and a pink sweater over a faded denim jacket smiles at the camera.  

Darla Guajardo, WOU

In 2016, Darla graduated from San Diego Mesa College with her associates degree in communication. She then transferred to Western Oregon University (WOU) to continue her schooling and work towards her bachelor's degree. Currently, she is a senior in the ASL/English Interpreting Program, and will graduate after spring term of 2019. Her plans are to further her education at WOU with the intention of graduating with her master's degree in interpreting summer of 2020. Her deep appreciation for the Deaf community and passion to learn is what motivates her to continue working to her fullest potential.

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Ken Padilla, WOU

Growing up with family members speaking both Spanish and English, Ken developed a natural interest in languages at a young age. After being introduced to ASL in college, he discovered the culture and community around the language, which led to meaningful connections and inspired him to turn his interest into an intentional professional pursuit. In 2017, after studying in the ASL & Deaf Studies Program at Ohlone College in Fremont, California, Ken transferred to Western Oregon University. He is currently a junior in the ASL/English Interpreting Program at WOU and excited to be to an ORID student representative. When Ken needs a break from studying, you can find him exploring the Oregon coast, rock climbing, or road tripping around the US.

Sabrina Spansel, WOU

Sabrina grew up in Salem, Oregon, and was first introduced to American Sign Language (ASL) in 7th grade. Her passion for language, communication, and deepest respect for the Deaf community and the DeafBlind community are what inspire her to do her best every day. In 2013, she attended Chemeketa Community College, and obtained three associate degrees, thus leading her to transfer to Western Oregon University (WOU) for their highly-sought after interpreting program. Currently, she is double-degree seeking in ASL/English Interpreting and ASL Studies with a minor in Special Education/Rehabilitation Counseling with an expected graduation date in spring 2019. Recently, she had an amazing opportunity to travel to Siena, Italy to study Italian Sign Language (LIS), spoken Italian, and Italian Deaf Culture and history over an intensive three-week course. After graduation, Sabrina plans to move to Alaska for work, and to be a part of the Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies program with an anticipated graduation date of summer 2020.

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Sara Smith, PCC

After graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice, I decided to move to Oregon for a new adventure while pursuing my goal of becoming an Interpreter. I am in the second year of Portland Community College's Interpreter Training Program (ITP), and I have enjoyed the challenges, and the rewards, that this journey has presented me with. I look forward to continuing my education, and one day hope to combine my passion for Interpreting with my passion for Criminal Justice and work as a legal interpreter. I am excited to represent my ITP cohort as a student representative with ORID

A student with dark hair under a red beanie stands outside in the snow, in a black jacket, and smiles at the camera.

Hannah Hardcastle, WOU

Since 2017, Hannah has lived in Oregon and been attending Western Oregon University (WOU). She will graduate in the spring term of 2020 with a B.A. in ASL/ENG Interpreting and double minor in ASL Studies and English Linguistics with a concentration in Teach English as a Foreign Language. She first learned ASL in high school and loved the challenge and culture that she was exposed to. Hannah has lived in numerous states throughout the West Coast and Northwest and is so excited to see where she finds home in the future as an interpreter.

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Aspen Mitcheltree, PCC

I first got interested in ASL in high school, and took my first year at U of O my senior year. Upon graduation I was admitted into WOU with the goal of Interpreting, and studied ASL there for 3 years before moving to Portland due to life circumstances. I'm now in my first year in the Interpreting Program, and back with a fervor along with my deep love for the language and linguistic theory. I'm very interested in concert/platform interpreting and higher education as well. I'm thrilled to represent my cohort of future Interpreters and can't wait to get involved with ORID.

Kaitlyn Monchamp, PCC

I attended Southern Oregon University for two years, and ended up leaving school because I wasn’t satisfied with my chosen field of study. After taking some time off and working in the hospitality industry for three years, I decided to move to Portland to study ASL, a language I’ve been interested in and studied since middle school. I’m thrilled to be in my first year of the interpreting program at Portland Community College, and plan on pursuing a job in the educational realm.

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