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ORID Board

The ORID Board is composed of six officers, each of whom serves a two-year term. The President, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large 1 are elected to office on even years, and the Vice President, Secretary, and Member-at-Large 2 are elected on odd years. Each person may serve in the same position for a limit of two terms in a row. On this page you can learn more about each position's roles and responsibilities, and meet our current officers!


Committee Structure

The ORID president is our liaison to national RID, and each of the other board members serve as a liaison to committees. In addition to these liaison roles each board member has duties as outline by our bylaws and policy and procedures manual.

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Board Positions

Roles & Responsibilities

Current Board



In addition to the duties outlined in the ORID Bylaws, the Board President should undertake the following actions:

  • Maintain a relationship between ORID, the Region V Representative, and the national office.

  • Participate in conference calls every one to two months with other Region V Presidents.

  • Stay informed on matters impacting the interpreting profession

  • Oversee professional meetings of the general membership whereby the membership is updated on local, regional and national news.

  • Promote a professional environment and standard for general and Board meetings.

  • Establish ground rules for general and Board meetings.

  • Ensure communication accessibility for members and visitors.

  • Prepare agendas for general and Board meetings.

The President may wish to consider the following actions:

  • Submit an article for each issue of the ORID Newsletter.

  • Calendar annual dates for general and Board meetings.

  • Request Board member and committee reports in advance.

  • Locate sites for general meetings and workshops in various regions of the state. 

  • Keep to agenda timeline.

  • Recognize newly certified members.

The president can be reached at

Sarah Comerford is wearing a gray blazer with a burgundy shirt underneath, is facing the camera smiling, wearing red lipstick and snake earrings, and has short brown hair.

Sarah Comerford

Sarah Comerford (they/them) has been interpreting professionally since 2011 and is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. Though born in Northern California, it was the experience of coming of age on the island of Oahu, learning and interacting with the Deaf community there, which led them to pursue professional interpreting after receiving their BA in Cognitive Linguistics from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2010. Sarah holds an NIC certification as well as the OCHI (Oregon Commission of Healthcare Interpreters) and CoreCHI (National Certificate for Healthcare Interpreters), and is in the final stages of writing their master’s thesis on American Sign Language Interpreter’s occupational culture at Western Oregon University. 


Sarah is passionate about the stewardship of the interpreting profession toward more equitable service delivery and accompliceship with oppressed persons, including challenging our professional institutions where they fail to meet twenty-first century standards for diversity and inclusion. In the role of president, Sarah hopes to encourage an open, safe environment where all members of the signing community feel welcomed and engaged. When not working, volunteering, or otherwise spending time in community, Sarah is likely to be found at home with their partner Will, two young children, Igor the Chihuahua, and Dubhlainn the Cat.


Vice President

  • In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice-President shall assume all duties of the President. The Vice-President will also oversee volunteer recruitment and engagement for Committees.

The vice president can be reached at


Jordan Kenny is facing the camera smiling, wearing a burgundy turtleneck under a gray sport coat, and has short brown hair, a beard and mustache.

Jordan Kenny

Jordan Kenny (he/him) began his interpreting career in Florida in 2011. Educationally, Jordan has coffered an AA, BS, and MS degree with emphasis in English/ASL Interpreting. His work experience is a culmination of 6 years in educational interpreting alongside 10+ years in healthcare settings, performing arts, mental health, VRS, and more. Currently, Jordan holds a National Interpreter Certification (NIC), Oregon Certified Health Care Interpreter (OCHI) certification, received national credentials for healthcare interpreting (CoreCHI), and continues to pursue professional development opportunities as often as his schedule permits. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Oregon Health Care Interpreter Association (OHCIA), and as the active Vice President for the Oregon Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (ORID). When he is not working, he enjoys going to Crossfit, paddle boarding, watching a movie, and spending time with his family! 


  • Take attendance at Board meetings. 

  • Maintain a record of Motions made at membership and Board meetings.

  • Keep an accurate record of meeting minutes:

  • Send out a rough draft of the minutes to Board members asking for suggestions for corrections, omissions, deletions, or changes to the minutes.

  • Board members will submit their suggestions, which may or may not be incorporated into the minutes, within a week of the secretary sending it to the Board for review (Secretary’s discretion). 

  • Distribute the final copy of meeting minutes in a timely manner to Board members, ORID members, RID Member Services, and Region V Representative.

  • Maintain archive on website of records/minutes from previous meetings.

  • Collect all materials at the end of the meeting.

  • Fill out bank slip that allows Secretary to pay bills. 

  • Act as liaison to the Membership Committee

  • Send committee reporting form to committee chairs in time for their monthly reports (ex: send on or around the 25th so that committees can report by the 1st of the following month).


Jennifer Miller is facing the camera smiling, wearing a blue shirt with a black cover up over it, hair is highlighted blonde and pulled back.

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller (she/her) was born in California and raised in Colorado. She moved to Oregon in 2004 and except for a brief 7 months in Florida has been here ever since.  She graduated from Western Oregon University in 2011 with a BA in ASL Studies.  Jennifer obtained a second Bachelor’s degree in 2013 in the area of Interpreting.  She holds an NIC certification, the OCHI (Oregon Commission of Healthcare Interpreters), trained as an Intervener at Utah State University, and is currently in the Masters’ Special Education Program at the University of Oregon.  


Jennifer is passionate about the LGBTQ+ community, and volunteers her time giving Free Mom Hugs, at Pride all over Oregon. When she is not working, volunteering, or studying she enjoys  reading, watching movies, baking, and cuddling with her dogs Roo and Tigger.


  • Pick-up the mail at the post office

  • Bank Deposits: Membership checks, workshop checks, etc.

  • Pay Bills

  • Within 30 days of the end of the fiscal year – send a certified copy of the financial statement to RID via the President.

  • Create tentative annual budget for Board to review during the Board’s Retreat.

The treasurer can be reached at

Headshot Mish Ktejik 2018.JPG

Mish Ktejik is facing the camera smiling with short red hair and is wearing a gray top and dangling silver earrings.

Mish Ktejik

Mish began interpreting in 2004 as a student interpreter in Milwaukee, WI, under the watchful eye of the Deaf community. She graduated from Gallaudet University in 2009 with two MA degrees in Linguistics and Interpretation. She began interpreting professionally in 2009 and worked primarily as a community interpreter in Chicago and the DC/MD/VA area until moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2013. She holds a National Interpreting Certification, a Specialist Certification in Legal interpretation, and is a Certified Health Care Interpreter in Oregon. She hopes to pursue national healthcare and mental health certification in the near future. 


Mish is currently the department chair for the ASL/English Interpreting Program at Portland Community College and teaches courses on ethics, interpreting processes, business practices, and the profession of interpreting. She is working towards her Ed.D. in Leadership with a focus in Second Language Learning. She’s previously served as a board of director for RID and as chair for ORID and PCRID committees. She has presented workshops on the national, regional, and local level in the areas of interpreting and leadership. She spends her free time playing futsal, reading, learning new things, and cuddling with kittens. She is passionate about life long learning, teaching, and having a positive impact on the ASL community.

Member at Large 1

  • Be mindful of interpreter concerns with those interpreters you meet and be a sounding board for ideas that could be brought up to the membership.

  • Decide on committee to chair

  • Recruit members to join the committee

  • Hold regular committee meetings

  • Delegate duties based on skill and experience

  • Prepare committee reports to Board and general membership


  • Suggested Committees:
    Student Representative 
    Membership – maintain and enhance the membership experience; distribute membership applications and correspondence to new/renewing members; assist in obtaining a list of newly certified members; maintain membership data base to keep email addresses current and make sure renewal notices are out in a timely fashion.

The member at large 1 can be reached at

Sarah Armstrong Headshot.jpeg

Sarah Armstrong is facing the camera smiling, wearing glasses and a grey shirt, and has light brown hair that is down.

Sarah Armstrong

Sarah is a lifelong Oregonian currently residing in Salem. She has been interpreting professionally since 2013 when she graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor's degree in ASL/English Interpreting. After about four years of doing full time VRS work, a majority of Sarah's time has been in the freelance world. Her deepest passion is doing medical interpreting so she has earned the NIC and OCHI certifications but she plans to develop her skills further including hopefully getting into a QMHI cohort in the near future.


When not interpreting, Sarah enjoys time with her wife Michelle and dog Bernadette. Their favorite activities are trying out gluten-free friendly restaurants and bakeries, spending time at the coast, or kicking back in front of a guilty pleasure movie.


As a Member-At-Large, our main purpose is to be a conduit of communication between ORID members and the board. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments at

Member at Large 2

  • Decide on committee to chair

  • Meet with former Member-at-Large committee chair to determine what action has been done

  • Recruit members to join the committee

  • Hold regular committee meetings

  • Delegate duties based on skill and experience

  • Prepare committee reports to Board and general

  • Nomination Process Responsibilities: Notify general membership of nomination guidelines (ei: 6 months good standing, ORID and RID member) recruit nominees, call for nomination –February 1st. take nominations, contact nominees, explain positions nominees has been selected to run for, create media for general election of nominees running (could include Power Point with nominee’s picture, bio, platform, funfacts). 


  • Suggested Committees:
    Mentoring: AAMP committee

The member at large 2 can be reached at


Andrew Weaver is facing the camera smiling, is wearing glasses and a black button up shirt, and has a beard, mustache, and short brown hair.

Andrew Weaver

Andrew was born and raised in Oregon (with a few years in Washington) and is a certified interpreter. He began interpreting in 2012 after graduating from Portland Community College's interpreting program that same year. Andrew continued to Portland State University and obtained his BA in Applied Linguistics in 2014. Over the past 10 years, Andrew has interpreted in a variety of settings, but remains passionate about the post-secondary environment. He currently lives and works in Eugene, Oregon while attending Western Oregon University's Master's in Interpreting Studies program. This is his second time working on the ORID board, the first was as Vice President from 2015-2017. In his role as Member-at-Large 2, Andrew hopes to foster collegiality and provide a sense of community for Oregon interpreters and Deaf communities. In his free time, Andrew enjoys traveling with his partner Esteban, photography, rockhounding, and historical fencing, 

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