ORID Board

The ORID Board is composed of six officers, each of whom serves a two-year term. The President, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large 1 are elected to office on even years, and the Vice President, Secretary, and Member-at-Large 2 are elected on odd years. Each person may serve in the same position for a limit of two terms in a row. On this page you can learn more about each position's roles and responsibilities, and meet our current officers!


Committee Structure

The ORID president is our liaison to national RID, and each of the other board members serve as a liaison to committees. In addition to these liaison roles each board member has duties as outline by our bylaws and policy and procedures manual.


Board Positions

Roles & Responsibilities


In addition to the duties outlined in the ORID Bylaws, the Board President should undertake the following actions:

  • Maintain a relationship between ORID, the Region V Representative, and the national office.

  • Participate in conference calls every one to two months with other Region V Presidents.

  • Stay informed on matters impacting the interpreting profession

  • Oversee professional meetings of the general membership whereby the membership is updated on local, regional and national news.

  • Promote a professional environment and standard for general and Board meetings.

  • Establish ground rules for general and Board meetings.

  • Ensure communication accessibility for members and visitors.

  • Prepare agendas for general and Board meetings.

The President may wish to consider the following actions:

  • Submit an article for each issue of the ORID Newsletter.

  • Calendar annual dates for general and Board meetings.

  • Request Board member and committee reports in advance.

  • Locate sites for general meetings and workshops in various regions of the state. 

  • Keep to agenda timeline.

  • Recognize newly certified members.

The president can be reached at pres@orid.org

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Elise Mongeon

Elise has been interpreting professionally since 2010 and is originally from Rochester, NY. She received her Bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language from the University of Rochester and Master’s in Interpretation from Gallaudet University. She has worked primarily as a freelance interpreter in Rochester NY, the Washington DC area and now the Portland area, where she has lived since Fall 2018. She holds her NIC certification and upon moving to Oregon she also accomplished the OCHI (Oregon state) and CoreCHI (national level) certifications in Healthcare Interpreting. 

Elise is passionate about many aspects of the interpreting field including: teaming dynamics, professional development, expanding the diversity of our profession as well as ASL and English linguistics. In the role of president, she hopes to foster an environment of trust, transparency and growth with the Oregon and SW Washington interpreting and Deaf communities. When not interpreting, she can be found exploring Portland and the Pacific Northwest with her dog and husband in their 1981 VW camper van! 

Current Board


Elise head shot 2.jpg

Vice President

  • In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice-President shall assume all duties of the President. The Vice-President will also oversee volunteer recruitment and engagement for Committees.

The vice president can be reached at vp@orid.org


Woman with short black curled hair wearing a gray jacket standing in front of a river and foggy cityscape and smiling.  

Saamanta Serna

Saamanta Serna is a Coda Mexican-American, who has been interpreting for over 15 years and has been certified for 10. She attended the ITP Program at Seattle Central Community College. Saamanta primarily works as a freelancer, in medical, STEM, legal, post secondary and at VRS; she also has had  experience interpreting in K-12 settings. She is passionate about enriching her community through such efforts as volunteering for a year with the Nicaraguan Sign Language Projects  (NSLP) at La Escuelita de Bluefields along with a desire for increasing diversity in the field of Interpreting to better support the needs of BIPOC community members. 


Saamanta recently completed the 280 hour Project CLIMB ( Cultivating Legal Interpreters from Minority Backgrounds) training & is moving on to the next phase of it. She is passionate about social justice work within the interpreting community.

Saamanta is an avid traveler, photographer and explorer. She has lived in Nicaragua & Indonesia, and traveled to over twenty countries, always seeking to understand more of the world we live in, and how she can make a lasting impact for future generations.


  • Maintain a record of Motions made at General and Board meetings

  • Keep an accurate record of General/ Board meeting minutes

  • Send out a rough draft of the minutes to Board members asking for suggestions for corrections, omissions, deletions or changes to the minutes

  • Board members will submit their suggestions which may or may not be incorporated into the minutes within a week of the secretary sending it to the board for review (secretary’s discretion)

  • Distribute the final copy of meeting minutes in a timely manner to Board members and ORID members

  • Maintain archive records/ minutes from previous meetings on website

  • Collect all materials at the end of the meeting.

  • Take attendance at meetings.

  • Fill out bank slip to allow for Secretary to pay on bills.

The secretary can be reached at secretary@orid.org

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Sandy Pascual

Sandy grew up in Miami, Florida. Her passion for sign language and Deaf culture began at an early age. Growing up with a cousin that is Deaf, she felt the compelling drive to be the first in her family to effectively communicate with her. She began learning on her own from library books and eventually was able to enroll in classes during her junior year of high school. Sandy quickly fell in love with the language and culture and decided to pursue a degree in ASL Interpreting at Miami Dade College.


Before graduating from the ITP program and beginning her interpreting career in the multilingual and multicultural South Florida community almost 20 years ago, Sandy volunteered at various schools, the Deaf Service Bureau of South Florida, the Center for Independent Living of South Florida and held various disability advocacy jobs in the community. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Organizational Management from Carlos Albizu University, as well as various certificates in health, fitness, sports and nutritional therapy.


Prior to moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2017, Sandy worked as a contract travel interpreter, allowing her to explore the world and incorporate multicultural approaches into her interpreting work. She currently specializes in Medical and Behavioral Health interpreting. Since making the move across the country, she has accomplished the OCHI (Oregon state), CoreCHI (national level) certifications in Healthcare Interpreting, the Q-MHI in Mental Health Interpreting, received supervisor training from Northeastern University's Center for Atypical Language Interpreting (CALI) and served on the Oregon Health Authority's Council on Health Care Interpreters (OCHCI). She also recently began working with Portland Community College as a tutor for ITP students and is collaborating with other BIPOC interpreters in the community for various projects. 


Sandy takes pride in her work ethic, is always looking to expand her knowledge with workshops and training and is grateful to have the opportunity to work with the Deaf community. Being of Cuban descent and a native Spanish speaker, she has been able to offer trilingual interpreting services to an underserved population in the Deaf community.


On her off time she enjoys traveling, hiking, camping and indulging in all that the PNW has to offer with her family.


  • Pick-up the mail at the post office

  • Bank Deposits: Membership checks, workshop checks, etc.

  • Pay Bills

  • Within 30 days of the end of the fiscal year – send a certified copy of the financial statement to RID via the President.

  • Create tentative annual budget for Board to review during the Board’s Retreat.

The treasurer can be reached at treasurer@orid.org

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Brandon Heaps

Originally from Tampa Bay, Florida, Brandon is a Pacific Northwest transplant as of August 2017.   While attending college in Jacksonville, Florida, he had his first encounter with a Deaf person, sparking his interest in the language and culture.   Upon graduation, Brandon decided to redirect his career path and became a Nationally Certified Interpreter through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.  He carries a variety of interpreting experiences including medical, legal, theatrical, business meetings, conferences, local and federal government, cruise interpreting and VRS/VRI. Brandon’s passion is found in mentoring interpreters as well as curating fun, social spaces for colleagues to connect.   In his personal time, Brandon enjoys traveling with his partner Colton and dog Fitzgerald, experiencing cultures and cuisines of other humans around the globe.


Member at Large 1

  • Be mindful of interpreter concerns with those interpreters you meet and be a sounding board for ideas that could be brought up to the membership.

  • Decide on committee to chair

  • Recruit members to join the committee

  • Hold regular committee meetings

  • Delegate duties based on skill and experience

  • Prepare committee reports to Board and general membership


  • Suggested Committees:
    Student Representative 
    Membership – maintain and enhance the membership experience; distribute membership applications and correspondence to new/renewing members; assist in obtaining a list of newly certified members; maintain membership data base to keep email addresses current and make sure renewal notices are out in a timely fashion.

The member at large 1 can be reached at mal1@orid.org

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Susan Quinn

Susan Quinn is a personable, energetic and qualified deaf Interpreter committed to delivering excellence in all facets of hearing, Deaf, and DeafBlind consumers. She is always pursuing new opportunities for Deaf Interpreters to bridge the gap in communication. Susan, an Oregon native, started her career as a Deaf Interpreter since January 2018. She took a training with Rupert Dubler at Portland Community College in October and November of 2017.  She is an active interpreter traveling to jobs to provide services for Deaf and DeafBlind. She interprets medical, meetings, college, platform, job training, close vision, text-to-ASL and other various settings. She took her Protactile ASL training at Western Oregon University for DeafBlind Interpreter Institute in August 2018.  She passed knowledge written test (one of two) for RID certification end of 2018.  She is awaiting for performance test as it is on moratorium. She is board member of Oregon Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, ORID as well as Hands & Voices of Oregon. 

profile photo.jpg

Member at Large 2

  • Decide on committee to chair

  • Meet with former Member-at-Large committee chair to determine what action has been done

  • Recruit members to join the committee

  • Hold regular committee meetings

  • Delegate duties based on skill and experience

  • Prepare committee reports to Board and general

  • Nomination Process Responsibilities: Notify general membership of nomination guidelines (ei: 6 months good standing, ORID and RID member) recruit nominees, call for nomination –February 1st. take nominations, contact nominees, explain positions nominees has been selected to run for, create media for general election of nominees running (could include Power Point with nominee’s picture, bio, platform, funfacts). 


  • Suggested Committees:
    Mentoring: AAMP committee

The member at large 2 can be reached at mal2@orid.org


Laurielle is a masculine presenting, Latinx person. They have short, dark brown, curly hair, and a brown blazer and tan vest over a blue floral button-up shirt.  They are squinting at the camera.  

Laurielle Aviles

Laurielle Aviles, a New York native, began their immersion into the ASL and Deaf community during their freshman year of college while working on their degree in Linguistics. American Sign Language and the community they surrounded themselves with became the driving force in the completion of this degree and the foundation for their passion of working with the Deaf community. In 2013, they decided the next step of their journey was to move out West to pursue their post-baccalaureate degree in ASL/English Interpreting.


Upon graduation from Western Oregon University in 2015 with their second B.A. they received their NIC. This allowed them to dive into work throughout the Willamette Valley in areas such as the K-12, post-secondary, and freelance interpreting, mainly for the LGBTQ community. During this time they also, enjoyed taking on larger interpreting projects with the Northwest Children's Theater (Rock the Presidents and Elephant & Piggy's: We're in a Play) and Portland Actors Ensemble (Taming of the Shrew).


Currently, Laurielle works mainly as a freelance interpreter and enjoys the flexible schedule that allows them to adventure with their dogs and family.

Laurielle can be reached at mal2@orid.org